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CXBOX Broadcast, many of you might wonder “What is it?” or “Why would I need this?.” Well let me take you through an easy explanation of how you can reduce your workload with CXBOX Broadcast!

CXBOX Broadcast: A Tool To Remember


CXBOX Broadcast is one of the three products from CXBOX, other two includes CXBOX Reply and CXBOX Upsell. The CXBOX is a tool that can help you make your business work with customers easily and efficiently. CXBOX Broadcast is designed to make your communication faster, more accurate, and adapt to customers preferences. 

What Can CXBOX Broadcast Do?


       Well, CXBOX Broadcast seamlessly integrates with a big customer service organization like Zendesk and Sunshine Conversation. This integration makes your work easier and more efficiently when it comes to exchanging information with your customers. With CXBOX Broadcast, agents or marketers can contact and find solutions to customers’ inquiries easily and proactively respond to their texts on various e-commerce platforms whether they are Lazada, Shopee, or even TikTok.

      Not only that, but CXBOX Broadcast also keeps the latest updates of your customers to help you keep track from previous customer engagements so that agents can send personalized campaigns or offers to targeted customers.

– Still wondering how? Click here for user guide 

What about WhatsApp? Don’t worry, we have a WhatsApp template where you can create and send outbound messages through Sunshine Conversation. Moreover, CXBOX Broadcast has Switchboard management. The switchboard has many functions including queue management, intelligent message routing, etc. You can read more about our Switchboard management here!

Will Businesses Benefit from Using CXBOX Broadcast? 


Yes, businesses can enhance their customer service operation and gain several advantages from using CXBOX Broadcast. Here are a few examples of the benefits that business owners can look forward to receive:

CXBOX Broadcast emphasizes the importance of providing a perfect customer journey. Therefore, this is a perfect tool for companies that are looking to thrive in the customer experience landscape, save operational cost, and provide exceptional service for their customers. 

Let’s upgrade your business in this e-commerce era together with us!

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