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Distinguishing Characteristics of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp, the most popular free chat application that allows users to interact using texts, pictures, audio and video. It is often used by businesses for real-time or asynchronous conversations. Similarly, WhatsApp Business shares the same interface with some additional features. Read more about its differences here.

CXBOX Broadcast Enhancing WhatsApp Template for Better Customer Experience

CXBOX Broadcast offers an easier way for businesses to create WhatsApp templates. WhatsApp templates are created to be sent as notifications to customers. Instead of having to worry about how to create one, CXBOX Broadcast helps make it easier to make a template to send outbound messages, campaigns, etc, on Sunshine Conversation. This makes it easy for agents to elevate their businesses and eventually helps strengthen customer experience.

Positive Aspects Towards the Use of WhatsApp Templates on CXBOX Broadcast


Here are some benefits of having WhatsApp Template:

WhatsApp template enables businesses to create their content prior to sending. However, with CXBOX Broadcast x Sunshine Conversation x Zendesk, we offer more than just template creation, we offer a way to bring your business an easier path to success while also elevating your customers’ engagement performance with personalization.

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