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When your business faces these problems from customers:

Why do I always receive product offers that do not meet my initial expectations?

“I always look at Apple brand products, so why are you offering me Samsung?”

Why do I have to answer the questions repeatedly?

“I asked the brand about the discount coupon they sent to me. But when I replied to them about the coupon I mentioned, they did not know what I was talking about.”

Why do the customer service people keep me waiting for a long time?

“I called customer service about the problem that needs to be solved immediately, but the agent suggested that I email the report instead.”

The root causes can be:

  1. The customer support team or marketing team fails to engage customers personally.
  2. The customer support team works slowly because they are switching between channels. 
  3. The customer support team doesn’t have customer information, so they keep asking the customers repeatedly.

Let’s Overcome Your Pains by Using CXBOX Broadcast!

CXBOX Broadcast is a cutting-edge solution designed to address these pain points and elevate the customer experience:

CXBOX Broadcast integrates seamlessly across various communication channels, including SMS and other important omnichannel chats (LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc). This ensures that businesses can reach their customers wherever they are most comfortable. Moreover, on the agent side, they can have a conversation with customers within a single platform (Zendesk) to support customers.

CXBOX Broadcast automates proactive communication by sending personalized messages, updates, and offers to customers based on their preferences and behaviors. This ensures timely and relevant interactions.

CXBOX Broadcast syncs and collects customer data from Zendesk automatically since the first time they greet the agent. This means CXBOX Broadcast’s users are able to utilize that customer data to segment and send outbound messaging campaigns. In the end, you can acknowledge customers’ responses to the campaign, allowing your brand to deliver personalized support without having to repeatedly ask for their information.

CXBOX Broadcast acts as a medium that offers immediate responses to the users to embark on a consistent communications journey. This helps increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

CXBOX Broadcast provides multifunction services that support customer experiences (CX), resolve their issues, and deliver more personalized messages. By connecting CXBOX Broadcast with Zendesk, your business can improve to a better customer service, build better loyalty, and eventually increase sales.

Reference: Zendesk

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