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What is a switchboard?

Switchboard refers to an advanced and intelligent message routing system that utilizes technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to efficiently manage and direct incoming customer inquiries. Switchboard’s goal is to enhance the overall customer experience by ensuring that messages are directed to the most appropriate department or agent. Like Sunshine Conversations’ Switchboard API enables the seamless transition from bots to human agents across messaging channels and business systems.

How does the switchboard work?

A smart switchboard in customer service operates through CXBOX Broadcast. Here’s an overview of how it works:

The switchboard analyzes incoming messages based on various criteria, such as the nature of the inquiry, customer history, or specific keywords.

Efficiently managing message queues, the smart switchboard includes features such as estimated wait times, priority routing, and alternative channel suggestions during peak periods.

CXBOX Broadcast integrates with Switchboard seamlessly to extend its functionality across various communication channels. (LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc)

The integration of Switchboard, Zendesk, and CXBOX Broadcast creates a seamless workflow, enhancing the efficiency of customer interactions for a better customer experience.

Despite the complexity of the implementation, CXBOX Broadcast provides a solution to simplify the process for those who find using the switchboard for queuing confusing. Integrating CXBOX Broadcast Messages and Switchboards aligns with the broader trend of leveraging technology to enhance customer service processes. This includes reducing wait times, improving communication efficiency, and ultimately elevating the overall customer experience.

Reference: Zendesk, Sunshine Conversations

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