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      Do you ever get tired of having online stores on multiple platforms and having to switch channels just to reply to your customers? Businesses often face pain points that become an obstacle for them to connect with their customers. But don’t worry, we have a solution for your pain!

     Let’s take a look at some Q & A that might help your business and your understanding about CXBOX.

Businesses have to face the struggle of not being able to send proactive messages to customers. Some software does not allow agents to do so too. Also, some businesses use Zendesk but are not able to afford the license because it can be expensive.

Q: Agents want to be in touch first but they need to connect multiple softwares with Zendesk first in order to reach out.

A: By connecting only CXBOX Broadcast with Zendesk, agents can send a proactive message to customers first.

Q: Do we need to buy a Zendesk License?

A: CXBOX Broadcast enables agents to reply to customers without using the Zendesk license.

Though some organizations have access to Zendesk, they find it hard to manage tickets’ queues and reply to all customers that come in from different e-commerce platforms through one channel. This problem can lead to customers’ dissatisfaction and reduce your chance of gaining customer loyalty.

Q: Having Zendesk but there is no queue management.

A: CXBOX Broadcast uses the switchboard to manage customer journey and allows agents to choose whether the customer can meet the bot first or directly contact agents. 

Q: Already have Zendesk but want to connect with e-commerce platforms.

A: CXBOX Reply can connect Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok to Zendesk. This enables businesses to reply to customers across various platforms through a single channel.

Q: Want to retain more customers and individually personalized product recommendations.

A: CXBOX Upsell is a tool that helps analyze customer data such as preferred products so that agents can recommend products accordingly.

CXBOX has three major solutions including CXBOX Broadcast, CXBOX Reply, and CXBOX Upsell. All of these solutions can help you manage your customers’ journey and enhance customer experience to the next level. 

By having CXBOX for your own business, you can save cost and retain your customers all at once! Click here to join us.

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