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The Emerging Trend of CXBOX Broadcast Commerce

CXBOX Broadcast can have a significant impact on the e-commerce landscape by transforming the way businesses interact with customers. It is a powerful solution designed to elevate customer experiences in e-commerce. Through live broadcasts, customers can seamlessly interact with sellers, ask questions, seek advice, etc. By seamlessly embedding CXBOX Broadcast into their e-commerce platforms, companies can unlock opportunities to enhance customer experiences and drive sales.

Strategic Integration for Enhanced Customer Experiences

The integration of Switchboard, Zendesk, and CXBOX Broadcast create a seamless workflow which can offer a better customer experience. 

Tailored content recommendations ensure that each customer receives a unique and relevant experience.

Businesses can actively involve customers in the decision-making process, creating a participatory experience.

Promotions, exclusive discounts, and flash sales announced through CXBOX Broadcast create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. The immediacy of CXBOX Broadcast translates into increased conversions and sales.

By strategically integrating CXBOX into their operations, businesses can not only adapt to the changing dynamics of the digital marketplace but also pioneer a new era of customer-centric online retailing — one that is defined by real-time connections, personalized experiences, and unparalleled engagement

  1. Agents can segment their target audiences based on the data from Zendesk support

2. Agents can choose delivery channel such as Line, WhatsApp, SMS

3. Create Broadcast

4. Broadcast campaigns to customers on various platforms via CXBOX Broadcast

5. Agents can create WhatsApp Template easily via CXBOX Broadcast that unlocks the 24 hour time limits on WhatsApp

  1. Broadcast Record will collect the data of the broadcasted campaign to further analyze the data of each campaign

In the digital age, as e-commerce continues to surge, CXBOX Broadcast is instrumental in defining the direction and innovations that will characterize the evolution of digital retail. The innovative features and capabilities of CXBOX Broadcast changes how businesses engage with their audience and deliver unparalleled satisfaction.

Join us on this journey as we uncover the transformative potential of CXBOX Broadcast and its role in shaping the future of e-commerce.

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