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Strategic Customer Engagement CXBOX BROADCAST

Understanding Strategic Customer Engagement

Strategic Engagement involves activities and techniques to increase customer engagement and strengthen customer relationships. It is a method of finding, attracting, and keeping the best customers for your business or organization. Meaningful engagement goes beyond mere conversation. It’s about fostering personalized interactions that deeply resonate with your audience. It’s understanding and proactively addressing customer needs, creating a sense of care that sets your brand apart from competitors.

CXBOX BROADCAST Strategic Customer Engagement Solutions

1. Make Your First Move with Customers

CXBOX Broadcast is currently integrated with Zendesk. This means that businesses can utilize and maximize the use of customer data from Zendesk to segment their target customers. Customers will be more likely to use your product if they believe the experiences are relevant to their needs.

Moreover, to keep effectively engaging with customers, we need to catch them before they reach us! CXBOX allows users to offer and deliver proactive outbound messaging to target customers via several channels, such as WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, SMS, IOS, etc. 

2. Use Chatbot to Engage Customers

Before customers meet the support agents, the chatbot can filter customer information for the support agent. 24/7 assistance-chatbot is a solution for quick responses and immediate resolution to any client inquiries. CXBOX Broadcast offers a solution to integrate with any chatbots before switching to having a conversation with support agents so that support agents can have a preliminary view of customer data from chatbots.

3. Full Loop Engagement improving CX

Have you ever been confused when customers reply to your campaigns but do not know what they’re talking about? This must be customer pain. CXBOX Broadcast helps you send your intended campaigns to customers, and once they reply to your campaigns, you will be able to see the responses related to those particular campaigns from customers. You will eventually have a smooth conversation with customers.

The linkage between strategic engagement and revenue growth is evident. Research indicates that improved engagement strategies can significantly impact revenue growth, with statistics showing boosts in cross-sell, up-sell, and order sizes.

CXBOX BROADCAST‘s outbound messaging serves as the backbone for steering revenue growth. By nurturing personalized engagements and leveraging outbound messaging strategies, businesses can reinforce customer relationships, drive conversions, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

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