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Building ROI with outbound messaging CXBOX x Sunshine Conversation (Zendesk)

Company can use a variety of techniques that can reach out to new and existing consumers and engage them more successfully. Currently, there is a strong preference for instant messaging platforms. Customers prefer these platforms for their convenience, speed, and personal touch. 

We have an example of Zendesk, a platform that provides solutions and help businesses to reach customers. Consequently, the businesses can achieve successful ROI by applying CX solution by Zendesk. 

Zendesk has its own users up to 180,000 users around the world. Why do businesses rely on Zendesk? Zendesk offers businesses a broad, integrated omnichannel solution that enables them to develop valuable relationships through robust interactions across all channels. These channels, such as social messaging apps, phone, email, and SMS, are available right now, allowing businesses to meet customers where they are with quick, effective assistance. Forrester reviews Zendesk’s benefits and costs of deploying Zendesk, estimating benefits of $31.2M over three years compared to expenditures of $8.1M, for a net present value (NPV) of $23.1M and a ROI of 286% for a composite organization.

To enhance the engagement capability, Zendesk built a potential messaging channel APIs called Sunshine Conversations for businesses to connect with customers to improve customer experience at the upper level of conversation. This innovative platform increases Zendesk’s capabilities by providing a unified interface for engaging customers across a variety of messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, LINE, WeChat, and more. 

Sunshine Conversations is a messaging platform for innovative conversational experiences. Design rich interactions from scratch to drive revenue and captivate customers across their entire journey. This Sunshine Conversations can help you:

Embed advanced extensions and custom interactions to provide personalized experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Integrate Sunshine Conversations with your business systems so agents and customers get the right information right away.

Sunshine Conversations is powered by a unified API, giving you access to every channel and letting you build once and deploy everywhere.

CXBOX x Zendesk Sunshine Conversations

To leverage the capabilities of Sunshine Conversation to proactively engage the right customers, having a customer profile and targeting your ideal customers in order to engage them is a significant key. When customers feel you care about their needs, it sets you apart from your competitors. The research shows that organizations that improve engagement can boost cross-sell revenue by 22%, up-sell revenue by 38%, and order size by 5 to 85%. 

With CXBOX, the integration with Zendesk helps businesses easily use customer profiles to segment target customers and broadcast outbound messages to those targets at the right time. Your marketing ROI will be improved by CXBOX BROADCAST features that help businesses engage with customers seamlessly and will never get lost when it comes to the concept of conversation with customers. So, let’s explore more about CXBOX BROADCAST!

Customer data is always at the beginning of your business to craft the best strategy to capture their needs. CXBOX integrated Zendesk and automatically synced customer profiles (name, telephone number, country, etc) and fields related to particular customers, such as TAG, CUSTOM FIELD (requirements, order ID, priority).

CXBOX Broadcast helps businesses filter customer data into a dataset to segment customers into certain target groups. 

Different groups of customers prefer different types of content. CXBOX Broadcast allows users to create campaign with several types of contents, such as IMAGE, FILES, CAROUSELS, TEXT, etc. 

With CXBOX Broadcast x Sunshine Conversation, this is the power-up that unlocks outbound messaging capability through multi-omnichannel chat.

You can set the best time in any time zone to send meaningful messages to customers. 

To improve marketing strategy, CXBOX Broadcast provides broadcast records and analyzes broadcast performance. Moreover, reusable broadcasts can make your work faster by duplicating the broadcasts at scale with less effort and without sacrificing.

How your customers react to the content might provide you with useful information for improving customer service or customer engagement. So CXBOX Broadcast will help your business connect with your customers seamlessly in every single conversation. 

The biggest challenges for online businesses are battling churn, loyalty, and retention to win over ROI. There’s a solution. Along with the CXBOX Broadcast and Sunshine Conversations solution, it helps marketing, sales, or customer service teams better manage data and, most importantly, personalized customer engagement and having the conversation in every moment with multiple functions in CXBOX Broadcast. Businesses will eventually see the benefits of building customer relationships through an outbound messaging strategy.

To download the user guide, click here

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